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Sunday 28 April at 5 the château

Duo L.O. - Laetitia JOLLET, piano & Olga MELESHKEVITCH-DUCASSE, violin

The Duo Lo offers you an original musical voyage around the great airs of  classical music (Méditations de Thais, Pavane de Fauré), tzigane (gypsy) music (tangos, waltzes, and also wild czardas (Hungarian dances).

 Their musical complicity will seduce you from the very first note...


Olga was born and grew up in Belarus. She studied music at the Conservatoire  Supérieur in Minsk, then joined the National Orchestra of the Minsk Opera as lead violinist, whilst continuing to hone her talents in Chamber Music.

She has lived in France since 1999, playing in various different formations ; solo, duo, trio etc.

She is now living in the Aude.


 Laetitia JOLLET

Laetititia teaches piano in the Aude, and for many years has played in various classical formations, also accompanying song in numerous performances of French chanson and international music, as well as playing solo, reviiting the classical repertoire.

She has graduated from the Conservatoires of both Toulouse and Perpignan, and has further talents with some of the great Russian and European conductors such as V.Yankoff and P.Devoyon.



(liable to changes)

Casta diva (Hauser)

Méditation de Thaïs (Massenet)

Carmen (Bizet)

Norma (Bellini)

Humoresque (Dvorak)

Pavane (Fauré)

Adagio (Bach – Marcello)

Tango pour Claude (Galliano)

Libertango (Piazzolla)

Valse (Chostakovitch)

Gypsy d’amour (valse tzigane)

Chi mai (in the film Le professionnel by Ennio Morricone)

Danse du sabre (Khatchatourian)

Danse hongroise n° 5 (Brahms)

Czardas (Monti)

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