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Sunday 26 May at 5 the château 

Clara CERNAT, violin,  Thierry HUILLET, piano, Julien MARTINEAU, mandolin

& Julie DEPARDIEU, narrator


The mandolin from Lviv, a musical tale,

music by Thierrry HUILLET from an original story by Clara CERNAT 

who return for the 6th time in the château​

« Once upon a time, in the faraway town of Lviv, stood a house whose windows had witnessed the centuries passing in the street…….. »

 From the very first words of this musical tale, you will find yourself entranced by the secrets of an old house in Ukraine, which fondly conceals, in its attic, the memories, both wonderful and painful, of an Italian mandolin, a Bohemian violin, and a larger-than-life Tatar hat. In this attic come together all the emotions, which have travelled down the ages, of men and the destinies of empires, from Genghis Khan to the convulsions of the 21st Century. Queens, princes,Gypsy fiddlers, Viennese virtuosos, klezmer violinists, luthiers, have passed on their dreams and passions to their instruments which speak of those invisible things which connect and concern us all, from childhood to maturity.

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