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Sunday 18 June at 5 the château


with Giorgio Carpintieri 

The Maestro
François Tantot

The Singer
Maud Louis


Michel Heim

Aude Carpintieri
Artistic Collaborator

Stéphan Meynet

Milena Tusa-Carpintieri
Costums, scenary, props

For more information, download the PDF

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The Maestro and the Singer


In order to land the rôle of Macbeth at the Paris Opera, a young man presents himself in the class of an old maestro, who once had a great reputation. Reluctant at first, the maestro ends up giving in to him. The class then turns into a lyrical duel, revealing, through their excesses, the truth about each of the protagonists…

Far from moderating their behaviour, Michel Heim’s play inflames their passions….

Without ever abandonning his habitual irony, the author perfectly portrays the small world of the Opera and all the clichés of the art world, against the background of both a magnificent music lesson and, ultimately, of humanity!

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