Françoise CHOVEAUX, composer

"Her music brings a new and very original writing. She is in the tradition of great French musicians. "(Rheinist Post)

"A composer whose music would happily be that of a Debussy today" (Le Nouvel Observateur)

"A strong and colorful universe" (Marc Vignal, musicologist and critic, The World of Music)


Today, she has written more than 280 opus, from solo to symphony orchestra.

It is played and recorded in Europe, USA, South America, Asia, Baltic countries and Russia ....

His works have been performed at Notre Dame de Paris, Carnagie Hall & NY Juilliard School, MIT & Harvard Boston. At UCLA Los Angeles, Japan, Seoul Art Center and Leum Museum Kyoto ...

She writes for the greatest soloists, chamber music ensembles and orchestras of today, Baden-Baden, philharmonic of Vilnius, Sao-Paolo ....

Winner of the Harald Genzmer International Composition Prize in Munich.

She is artistic director of Cabardièses de Pennautier.


She played in the château in 2016 one of her creations "On paintings » by Gustave Flaubert"