Henry LARREGOLA -  from 5 to 21 July


Claudie CAPDEVILLE - from 2 to 18 August

watercolors on papers and canvas


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Angèle VILLAT -  from 12 to 20 September



Ibéria LANOË - exhibition from 9 to 11 June  

60 years of engravings and pastels


Michel BOUCAULT - exhibition from 12 to18 May

 The fall of the shadow, inks & art books

After many exhibitions at each concert since 2002, the honor was given to watercolor : for a long time considered a minor art, it requires technique, imagination, control of water and emerges from its obscurantism, opens to dreams and beauty . Very high quality watercolorists have accepted for seven summers to live the adventure in the château ...

2007- 2013

CAO Bei-An
WEN Ming-Sin, his wife, Chinese watercolorists



Janine GALLIZIA, Australian watercolorist, who lives in Belgium, and now

in France

-Exhibition and trainingcourses in July and August

Claudie CAPDEVILLE, regional watercolorist -  Exhibition


Dolors BOLAÑOS, Catalan watercolorist -  Exhibition and trainingcourse

Marie-Line MONTECOT, Angevin watercolorist - Exhibition and trainingcourse 
Reine-Marie PINCHON, French watercolorist - Exhibition and trainingcourse
Viktoria & Slawa PRISCHEDKO, Ukrainian watercolorists of German nationality

- Exhibition and trainingcourse


Evelyne DELFOUR, Toulouse watercolorist -  Exhibition and trainingcourse
Ewa KARPINSKA, French watercolorist - Exhibition and two trainingcourses
Paty BECKER, French watercolorist - Exhibition 


En voir plus

by Genveviève FURNEMONT, art historian, lecturer and guide in the city of Toulouse

With great deal  and a touch of humor, Geneviève Furnémont proposed from 2001 to 2016 a multitude of subjects, themes, studies of artists, movements, civilizations, all domains and periods combined, and often related to the Exhibitions in Toulouse, Montpellier, Paris, London, etc ...

On Monet and Bonnard in 2011, Delacroix, Cézanne and Dali in 2005, on Magritte and Soulages in 2010, on Matisse and the Metropolitan Museum of Art in New York in 2012, onChagall, Niki de Saint-Phalle and the'architecte Renzo Piano in 2015, on Kandinsky in 2009, on Chagall in 2016, to mention just a few.