3 and 4 September at the château 


Daniela GARZA, photographer



Opening on Saturday September 4 from 5 p.m.

Free entry


Daniela GARZA

"My name is Daniela Garza, I am a first generation Mexican American. In 2015, I lost my father to cancer and to celebrate his life I wanted to honor my Mexican roots so I decided to embark on a photographic interpretation of the Mexican game of chance, La Lotería. This project took me on a journey, where my heart has always been drawn to, mi gran amor, Mexico. As a child I played La Lotería. with family and friends in the United States and during summer vacations in Coahuila, Mexico where I spent the entire summer break, the duration of three months, in the care of my grandmother. I had always been attracted to the game’s iconic images, like that of La Chalupa, a beautiful Mexican woman on a small boat filled with flowers that she sold. I was told the stories about the famous canals of Xochimilco, the colorful market of chalupas and trajineras and I knew that someday I would go. In creating each card of the game, I felt it was important to experience and learn about Mexican traditions, Mexico’s history and characters by immersing myself in its culture. 54 self-portraits, 54 stories, numerous encounters and connections, that I will recall each time I look at a card and tabla from my game, Lotería. de la Garza.  This project has taught me more about myself and my Mexican lineage that I could have ever imagined possible. I still have more to discover. My father dreamed an American dream, I dream a Mexican dream and one day I will immigrate to Mexico from Europe like the origins of La Lotería."


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