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The idea for the association                          arose in 1999 during the evening concert given by the Ensemble TRENERONE in the courtyard of the château and was the initiative of a handful of persons sharing a passion for "ancient music". The excellent music, the good ambiance convinced us to continue further. The association was formally established at the constitutive General Assembly and published in the J.O. of 27 November 1999. The first concert was given on the 23 October, the group ENDIMIONE attracted about 80 people in the church at RIEUX with a concert of French baroque music.

Now most of the concerts are given in a hall of the castle, kindly provided free by the owners.

The statutes reflect our wish to create a dynamic for the support of artistic expression in our region. The association has an objective to support  both ancient and classical musical expression as well as the arts in general in the commune of Rieux-Minervois and elsewhere, 
in order to contribute to artistic creation and to the discovery of our cultural heritage.
ts means include the organisation of concerts and other artistic events, as well as any initiative tending to help in the realisation of its objective.

Season 2023, last concert 17 September. 2024 season currently being planned !                                                                        

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From 25 September to 1st October

         in the château & in the municipal hall                                                                                                 


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