Sunday 27 September at 5 p.m. at the château

Landscape - lecture- concert (creation 2018)


Duo – Untitled & Hypothèse Théâtre

Yseult FRÉCHARD, viola

 Mark LOCKETT, piano

Valérie MOYON, reader


Music : Franck Bridge,  Rebecca Clark & Mark Lockett

Texts : Paul Auster & Kenneth White


“Landscape” is a performance which associates English music with poetry. In the course of a single concert, the performers create empty spaces, inviting reverie, thoughts of foreign travel, and the experience of the richness of our surroundings, where sensitivity and the awareness of our presence in the world is laid out before us.

We are encouraged to reconnect, like a shaman, with the intelligence of nature.

“Landscape” performs both a poetic and a political act, by reifying the poem, which is the “ guardian of the integrity of speech” (from “Que pense le poème” A.Badiou), so countering the language of commercialisation, technicity and communications.

Subscribing to Kenneth White’s concept of Geopoetics, “Landscape”  is seeking an ecology of the mind as one possible escape, amongst others, from complete destruction.



Except from Espaces Blancs by Paul Auster.

Excepts from Le Grand Rivage by Kenneth White


1 Untitled  by Rebecca Clark

2 Morphéus  by Rebecca Clark

3 Lullaby by Rebecca Clark

4 Allegro appassionata by Franck Bridge


Except  fromLe chemin du Chamane by Kenneth White


5 Piensero by Franck Bridge

6 Passacaglia by Rebecca Clark

7 I’ll be my heart be still by Rebecca Clark

8 Calendrier révolutionnaire by Mark Lockett

9 Rouleau by Mark Lockett

10 Charrue by Mark Lockett



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