Saturday 14th August at 17 h at the château

Léa, singer and Pierre, pianist


present their new programme of French  “chansons”, from the good old days, in the nightclubs, when there was just a singer and the piano.   


Songs from : -  Bécaud, Capéo, Gribouille, Piaf, Barbara, Lama, Félix Leclerc, Léo Ferré, Linda Lemay, Reggiani, Yves Jamait, Gainsbourg, Brel, Maurane, Collette Renard, Marie Paule Belle, Juliette, etc…..

Bécaud,Capéo,Gribouille,Piaf,Barbara,Lama,Félix Lecler, Léo Ferré,

Linda Lemay,Regiani,Yves Jamait,Gainsbourg,Brel,Maurane,

Colette Renard,Marie Paule Belle,Juliette,etc...

Free concert (village fete),

offered by the municipality

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