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Sunday 6 August at 5 p.m. in the château


The Quatuor Calliente

First Prize in the International Competition «Astor Piazzolla Music Award»


Ever since its foundation in Paris, at the beginning of the 2000’s, le Quatuor Caliente has been attracting attention on the Tango Nuevo scene. Formed by four eclectic, passionate musicians, the group was awarded the «Piazzolla Music Award» in 2004, presented at the Blue Note Jazz Club in Milan, before recording their first album «Libertango», destined to be a brilliant success, on the Aeon/Harmonia Mundi Label.

Their performances and recordings have been universally acclaimed by both the public and the music press. Their discography also includes two more CD’s on the Aeon label, a live session with the Argentian singerDébora Russ, followed by the amazing «Encuentro» recorded with the guitarist Laurent Colombani and the  vibraphonist Vincent Maillard. More recently, the release of  the album «Double A» marked a new step in the development of the group, as well as celebrating their 20 years together.

Their vast repertoire includes, in addition to the numerous works by Astor Piazzolla, pieces by Horacio Salgan, Julian Plaza, Anibal Troïlo, Pedro Laurenz, Antonio Agri, Alejandro Scarpino….and also works by contemporary composers, such as Juan José Mosalini, Pablo Ziegler, Thomas Bordalejo and, of course, Gustavo Beytelmann—each member of the group, whilst still respecting established traditions, wants to celebrate the Tango of today, witness to a vibrant music which continues to evolve.

The Quatuor Caliente performs regularly throughout France and the rest of Europe (in Switzerland, Italy and Belgium). They have played in numerous top venues: le Théâtre de l’Européen, le New Morning, le Petit Journal Montparnasse, le Duc des Lombards, le Théâtre Mouffetard, le Parc Floral, La saison musicale et festival de Radio France, l’Opéra de Lyon, the national concert halls in Guadeloupe and Martinique, le Festival Labeaume en Musiques, la saison de l’Abbaye de l’Epau...amongst many others. The group has been invited, several times, to play at the International Festival «Virtuosi» in Recife, in Brazil, always receiving a warm, enthusiastic welcome. Future projects include playing for the first time in Asia, with concerts planned in Taiwan and China. 

From the start, the group has been regularly invited and broadcast on radio by France Musique (Un mardi idéal, la Matinale, and also live from various festivals), France Inter (Le Fou du Roi, le Pop Club…), on France Télévision, as well as on TSF, FIPand La Chaîne Mezzo.


Michel BERRIER, violin

Éric CHALANdouble bass

Lysandre DONOSO, bandoneon (Argentinian type of accordion)

Cédric LORELpiano

First Price in the International Competition "Astor Piazzolla Music Award"


Astor Piazzolla 1921-1992 : Duo de amor – Triunfal

J.S.Bach / Piazzolla : Sinfonia / Calambre

Enrique Saborido 1877-1941 : Félicia

Astor Piazzolla : Contrabajeando

Gustavo Beytelmann 1942-) : El désaparecido

Astor Piazzolla : Lo que Vendra

Carlos Guastavino (1912-2000): Bailecito ( Solo Piano )

Juan Jose Mosalini 1943-2022) : Aller / Retour ( duo Violon / Bandonéon )

Astor Piazzolla : Tango para una Ciudad

Pedro Laurenz 1902-1972) : Berretin

Luis Brighenti (1906-1984) : Ensuenos

José Ricardo (1966-1984) : Pobre Gallo Bataraz

Astor Piazzolla : Milonga del Angel

Juan Caldarella (1891-1978) : Canaro en Paris

Astor Piazzolla : Bandonéon ( extrait de la suite Troïlena )

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