Sunday 5 July at 5 p.m. at the château


Trio Quintus Novum

Rémy COUVEZ, hurdy-gurdy
Frantz COUVEZ, sackbut
Michael GREENBERG, double bass

“ Rémy Couvez has taken the hurdy-gurdy, which has always  accompanied dances over the centuries, and propelled it into the 21st Century, adding unexpected tones, new musical landscapes and shifting nuances “.


The hurdy-gurdy has always been, above all, a key instrument in traditional music, but it can also be played alongside virtually every other instrument today, as you will see with this amazing trio. Michael Greenberg has performed all over the world, from the Shangai Opera to the Lincoln Center in New York, working with internationally renowned ensembles such as Les Arts Florissants and La Grande Ecurie, and playing with artists in diverse genres, from Cecilia Bartoli to Johnny Hallyday. Rémy Couvez played both piano and clarinet from when he was very young and discovered the hurdy-gurdy in 1978 revealing for him a new range of musical tones and a wholly different approach to music. He then began to build a new repertoire, which led him to compose, first for the hurdy-gurdy, and then for instrumental ensembles (strings, organ, etc ).

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