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Sunday 4 June at 5.p.m. in the château


Ludmilla Guilmault and Jean-Nöel Dubois, piano


The duo was formed in 2007 following a chance meeting between the two artists. They were known as the «Duo Explosif» because of their intensity and technical skill.

György Cziffra was their mentor; he discovered Ludmilla when she was 11 years old. Jean-Nöel met him when he was 24.

They named their duo after him to recognize his teaching and influence on their musical performance. The strong emotional playing of these two musicians resonates well with the strong inspirations of folk music and with the Romantic influences of composers like Chopin, Liszt and Brahms.They complement each other so well, with their highly-charged performance of this spirited music, sharing their passion with the audience, as well as celebrating the works of the great French and Spanish composers: Debussy, Ravel, de Falla, Fauré, Albeniz, Granados, and Satie.


Parfums d'Escales, Danses et Airs Slaves

(Fragrant memories of exotic places, Dances and Slavic songs)


for solo piano and with 4 hands 


«Parfums d’Escales, Airs et Danses « was released as a CD in 2021 on the VDE-Gallo label.


1/ Intermezzo opus 118 n°6 de Johannes Brahms

Ludmilla Guilmault

2/ Souvenir d’une Mazurka de Glinka Ludmilla Guilmault

3/ Polonaise en La Bémol ‘’Héroïque’’ de Chopin, Jean-Nöel Dubois

4/ La Danse du sabre ‘’Gayaneh’’ d’Aram Khachaturian, Ludmilla Guilmault

5/Les Jeux d’eaux à la Villa d’Este de Liszt, Ludmilla Guilmault

6/Czardas ( Largo) de Vittorio Monti à 4 mains Duo Cziffra

7/ Moment Musical en fa mineur opus 94 de Schubert , Jean-Nöel Dubois 

8/ Valse n°2 ou sérénade-valse opus 99a Dmitri Chostakovitch à 4 mains par le Duo Cziffra 

9/ 5 Danses Hongroises de Johannes Brahms pour piano à 4 mains par le Duo Cziffra 

10/ Chansons Russes traditionnelles à 4 mains, par le Duo Cziffra transcriptions Originales par Jean-Nöel Dubois

-Le temps des fleurs

-Les yeux noirs

-Les Nuits Blanches

- Casatschok, musique de Boris Rubaschri, 

11/ Danses norvégiennes opus 35 Edvard Grieg à 4 mains, N°1, 2, par le Duo Cziffra

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