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Sunday 28 May at 5.p.m. in the château 


Matée Crémades,  baroque guitar  * and vocals

Nathalie Ferron, percussions and vocals

Specializing in the interpretation of songs from the beginning of the 17th Century, the Ensemble Parchemins has never ceased, since it was formed in Tours in 2015, seeking to create a resonance between the ancient character of the repertoire and its distinct modernity. So, in addition to the traditional venues dedicated to ancient music ( churches, chapels and châteaux ) where they regularly perform, Nathalie and Matéo also enjoy playing in various other places which are firmly anchored in the present, such as cafés, bookshops, libraries and museums, where they can share their repertoire of Baroque songs.


* Copy of an instrument made by Stradivarius in Cremona in 1680, built by Matéo Crémades in 2015.

Their new programme offers us the discovery, both educational and also accessible to any audience, of a selection of songs, airs and instrumental pieces for voice and Baroque guitar, drawn from both popular and scholarly repertoires in Italy and France at the beginning of the 17th Century, where the airs of Marco Marazzoli, Giovanni Legrenzi and Kapsberger, sit alongside the songs of Etienne Moulinié, Jean Boyer and Pierre Guédron.


In the course of the concert, the duo distills the essence of these songs, to release their sunshine, their tears and their smiles.


Songs, airs and pieces from Italy and France from the beginning of the 17th century, for voice, baroque guitar and percussion


DIALOGUE: Marco Marazzoli, Etienne Moulinié, Marc Antoine Charpentier, Giovanni Girolamo Kapsberger, Didier Le Blanc, Jean Boyer... \ ​ Works by French and Italian composers from the beginning of the 17th century meet and dialogue during a 1h20 concert. The charm of the songs of Jean Boyer, Didier Le Blanc and Marc-Antoine Charpentier rub shoulders with the precious villanelles of Giovanni Girolamo Kapsberger and the lyricism of Marco Marazzoli... Etienne Moulinié, Giovanni Legrenzi or Robert de Visée are also at the rendezvous for a moment suspended to the sound of two solo voices accompanied by the baroque guitar


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