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Duo MELISANDE, guitars



Born in Lille on October 31, 1982, Nicolas Lestoquoy is a guitarist and composer.He began his training with Xavier Descamps, guitarist, painter and poet, when he was 6 years old. At Xavier Descamps’ side he was to forge his taste for classical music through the guitar. A few years later, he won a gold medal at the conservatory in Lille, in the class of Jean-Philippe Gruneissen. Always guided by the thirst for the discovery of the most famous pages of the classical music, he entered the École Normale Supérieure of Music in Paris and worked with Maestro Alberto Ponce with whom he has a privileged relationship. Nicolas was to be Maestro Alberto Ponce’s last student to obtain the 1011Diplôme Supérieur as a concert artist. From this rich and intense education, Nicolas would become imbued with both the musical and technical requirements and the respect for composers.

Nicolas Lestoquoy applies his talent to various types of music. Hence, in recital, he plays Johann Sebastian Bach, Mauro Giuliani, Emilio Pujol, Francisco Tarrega and contemporary composers as well. He has participated in various premieres, in particular the ‘Serenade Mélancolique’ by Nicolas Bacri.

With the ‘Duo Kuo-Lestoquoy’, guitar and violin, he has visited the masterpieces written for this group. Their firstdisc has been available in Taiwan since December 2013 and on the digital sales network as well. A second, ‘Presencias’ (Hortus 123), including some pieces for string quintet, was released in 2014.

With the flutiste Berten D’Hollander, he recorded the whole Mauro Giuliani’s works which is the subject of an upcoming Hortus release between 2015 -2016.

In 2012, Nicolas responded to Sebastien Linares, guitarist, creating the ‘Duo Mélisandre’ with him. Their disc of the Goldberg Variations of Johann Sebastian Bach was released in 2014 on the Paraty label. They made a DVD for CLC productions during the recording of their concert in the Orangerie de Rochemontès (France). Their duo participates in much of the most prestigious programming such as the Festival Radio France de Montpellier, the Festival Passe Ton Bach in Toulouse or Festival Lille Clef de Soleil in Lille.`

Nicolas expresses his sensitivity of composer through the jazz quintet Swingin’ Partout, which he co-founded with Jérémie Lévi-Samson, a violinist and also his long-standing friend. With this jazz band, he takes part in the creation of a show about music by Liszt, Bazzini, Monti, Vecsey, arranged for a quintet and interspersed with Gipsy tales related by Francis Perrin. They have already produced three discs, the last of them, Michto, released in 2013 on the label ‘la Roulotte du Swingin’. For this album they invited Phil Abraham, Aurore Voilqué, Marian Badoï, Martial Delangre, and Frank Dhersin.Since 2008, he has been performing about fiftyor sixty times a year on highly varied stages (Salle Cor-tot, Cirque d’hiver, Pavillon Balthar, Elysée Montmartre, Espace Bernanos, Hotel Concorde, Festival Radio France, Festival Clef de Soleil, Festival Django Liberchies, Festival Jazz in Touraine in France, in Greece, Belgium or Switzerland…).

Nicolas is a guitar teacher at the Conservatoire à Rayonnement Régional in Douai beside Delphine Bertrand. He is also the director of his structure, the Centre des Musiques Classiques et Actuelles, and participates in at least one master class every year.

Sébastien LLINARES

A remarkable guitarist, a musician with an unusual and richly-varied career,  he is open to all musical genres, both Ancient and contemporary, whether written or sung, highbrow or popular. Despite this professed versality, he sits firmly in the Spanish School thanks to the teaching of Rafael Andria at the ENSM in Paris. Today he still revisits this repertoire, searching for a new romanticism, in which the formal precision developed during his musicology studies, his historical awareness nurtured by his performing Ancient Music, and the spontaneity of his jazz playing, all work to establish a dialogue between the styles and their times.

He regularly performs as a soloist in chamber music groups and in other ensembles. His broad repertoire enables him to play in concerts and recitals ,exploring different aesthetics, from Ancient Music to the improvisations of jazz. As a result he is often invited to play in concerts and festivals, in France and elsewhere. His recordings have been very well received by the music press and the public.


He has produced “Guitare,guitares” on France Musique since 2017, and every Saturday since 2018 from 12.30 to 13h.

The duo played at the Château, in 2017, with a much-praised interpretation of the Goldberg Variations and Nicolas Lestoquoy played also in 2015 with the violonist Li-Kung Kuo.

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Jean-Sébastien BACH (1685-1750) Variations Goldberg  1 à 16 -32


 Erik SATIE (1866-1925) Gnossiennes 1 à 3


Joaquim Malats (1872-1912), Sérénade



Francisco Tarrega (1852-1909), Caprice arabe