The twelve faces of Mary – Baroque Marian music


Sacred literature gives a portrait of the Virgin Mary , both precise and fluid. Protean. Black virgin or Madonna, she is also, by turns, a loving mother or bathed in tears, model wife or glorious queen ; the litanies dedicated to her call her  mystic Rose, Gateway to heaven, Star of the morning, Splendour of the world ! But also Aid for Christians or Defender of  the oppressed. A comforting figure, benevolent, she brings comfort and safety to the faithful who praise her.

Countless musical works have been dedicated to her, particularly varied in form and scope.

In this new programme, first performed in 2020 at the Baroquiales de Sospel in Alpes-Maritimes, the two soloists of the Ensemble Céladon are particularly drawn to the Marian music for voice and continuo from Italy in the 17th Century.

Through their selection of composers, both men and women, the most renowned in Italy (Monteverdi, Strozzi, Leonarda, Grandi…) they reveal to us, in twelve portraits, those facets of Mary which resonate with their sensibilities.


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Paulin BÜNDGEN, artistic director & countertenor

Founder of the Ensemble Céladon, he also sings with other ensembles, such as La Fenice, Akadêmia, le Concert de l’Hostel-Dieu, Vox Luminis, Clément Janequin, Les Paladins, Elyma….He has  performed  throughout France and Europe, as well as in Morocco, the United States and Asia.

In opera he has played the roles of Pastore in Orfeo by Monteverdi, Endimione in La Calisto by Cavilli, Mercurio in La Morte d’Orfeo by Landi, Cirilla in Gli amori di Apollo e di Dafne by Cavalli. He has performed in some of the most renowned concert halls…le Théâtre du Châtelet, l’Opéra de Versailles, l’Opéra de Massy, la Salle Gaveau, la Cité de la Musique, l’Opéra de Rennes, l’Opéra de Reims, l’Arsenal de Metz, Théâtre  Royal de Namur….

He has also taken part in numerous stage productions …Lemozis, Il était une Bergère, Tea Time Chez Alice, Viva Napoli, Mémoire des Vents du Sud. He has worked with directors like Alain Perroux, André Fornier, Philippe Vallepin, Jacques Chambon and Christophe Rauck.

He is particularly drawn to the links between music and dance, and has worked with Compagnie Ana Yepes, Il Ballerino de Bruno Gondoni, Les Ballets de Monte Carlo….

Passionate about contemporary music he has performed numerous works by Jean-Philippe Goude, Pierre-Adrien Charpy, Régis Campo, Jean-Pierre Sciau….

He has recorded 20 CD’s, his discography stretches from les Rondeaux by Adam de la Halle to his performance of “Aux Solitudes” by J-P Goude, by way of works by Coprano, Bach, Desmarets, Handel, Scarletti,Pachelbel…

He records with the labels Zig Zag Territoires, Ambronay,Glossa, Arion, Ricarcar, Deutsche Harmonia Mundi. He also created the album of electronic music Etrange Septembre, released in2007 by Cynfeirdd.

Caroline HUYNH Van XUAN, positive organ

She began to study music at the Conservatoire (CNR) in Lyons, where she was awarded  Gold Medals for Harpsichord, Piano, Chamber Music and Music Ensembles. She went on to study the Conservatoire (CNSMD) in Lyons, where she obtained a First Prize for Harpsichord (in the class of Françoise Lengellé) and a First Prize for Continuous Bass  (in the class of Yves Rechsteiner).

She has been able to rely on the help and advice, during her studies, of Gustave Leonhardt, Christophe Rousset, Freddy Eichelberger, Pierre-Alan Clerc and Wieland Kuijken. She was awarded a bursary by the Mécénat Musical Société Génerale and went on to study harpsichord with Béatrice Martin at the Escola Superior de Musica de Catalyuna in Barcelona and also fortepiano in Milan with Laura Alvini.

She holds a teaching qualification in Ancient Music, and composes and arranges for theatre and dance companies (musicals), and also musical illustrations in comic books, and for instrumental and vocal ensembles. She won Second Prize at the International Competition for Saqueboutiers with the ensemble l’Intesa Musicale, and founded the Duo Carl Philip with the harpsichordist Diego Fernandez.

In 2012, she joined the ensemble Les Plaisirs des Muses, conducted by Cécile Desier, playing with them in programmes devoted to J.S.Bach and Mozart. She is supported by l’Adami for her interest in medieval keyboard music.

She has performed  with, amongst others, Guillemette Laurens, Patrick Cohen-Akenine, Patricia Petitbon, James Bowman, Howard Crook…..Le Concert de l’Hostel Dieu, Le Choeur Arsys, l’Orchestre des Pays d’Auvergne, and in numerous festivals such as Musica in Strasbourgh, Bach en Combrailles, les vendredis baroques, les Folles Journées de Nantes, Ambronay, le festival du Vieux Lyon, Verona, Le festival Renaissance de Bar le Duc…


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