Sunday 17th July at 5 p.m. at the château


vielle, violin, sackbut, double bass


“ The quintessence  of the resonance of the wood, the good natural vibration and the purity of the sound “

In this music, described as neoclassical, we can see classical, oriental and repetitive influences, which offer to the listener a world of inner voyages, images and meditation. A programme of originality, virtuosity and emotion.

Rémy, the performer, who, after extensive research into technique, melody and sound, has succeeded in restoring  the vielle to its rightful place in the world of music.

Rémy, the composer, who, with his experience of 40 years (concerts, CDs, music for theatre, contemporary dance) puts all his talents into the creation of music for this ensemble, which brings together vielle, violin, sackbut and double bass.

As much in its repertoire of Baroque works as in its original compositions, this concert, nuanced and improvised, presents profound and lively music which transports us weightlessly through space and time.


Born in Romania, he graduated from the Conservatoires in Barlad (Romania) and in Rouen (Gold Medal for Violin) and also in Chamber Music. He enjoys playing the classical repertoire (orchestra, chamber music, soloist), but also loves the traditional tsigane music. He plays regularly with l’Orchestre de l’Opéra, Rouen-Normandie and with the Orchestre de Caen.

He is now teaching at the Ecole de Musique, Notre-Dame de Bondeville.



was born in Normandy where he first learned to play the trombone. He graduated from the Conservatoires of Rouen and Paris, and went on to perfect his skills on the sackbut at the Conservatoire in Lyons. He plays trombone in the Orchestre de l’Opéra, Rouen-Normandie, and regularly performs with other musical groups, playing both Baroque and modern music. He has taught in several Conservatoires and is now Director of the Conservatoire de Val de Seine.






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Michael GREENBERG has performed all over the world, from the Opera in Shanghai to the Lincoln Center in New York, playing in ensembles with an international reputation, such as Les Arts Florissants, La Grande Ecurie and La Chambre du Roi, and with artists with such diverse skills as Cecilia Bartoli and Johnny Hallyday. He was awarded a Doctorate at the Sorbonne, he has taught music at the Conservatoires of Blanc Mesnil and Villepinte, and regularly writes articles on the History of Music.



Born in Normandy into a family of musicians, he learned to play piano and clarinette from a very young age. It was only as an adult that, in 1978, he discovered the vielle, this instrument with its range of new tones which led him to take a different approach to music.

He began to build a new repertoire ; he started to compose, first for the vielle, and then for musical ensembles (string, wind, percussion and also for organ).

He regularly gives concerts, solo, trio, quintet, septet…and creates music for theatre and contemporary dance.


baroque music (Monteverdi, Bach, Haendel, Vivaldi,…) and  compositions by Rémy Couvez

Georg Friedrich Haendel (1685-1759) - Air (Water Music)                              

Marin Marais (1656-1728) - Prélude                       

Rémy Couvez - Chant funèbre             

Rémy Couvez - Ritournelle                 

Jean-Sébastien Bach (1685-1750) - Gavottes                    

Rémy Couvez - Choral du vielleur     

Rémy Couvez - Rêve de voyage         

Georg Friedrich Haendel - Menuet (Water Music)

Domenico Dragonetti (1763-1846) - solo contrebasse

Francesco Venturini (1675-1745 - Canon (sonate n°2) + Menuet (sonate n°5)

Rémy Couvez - Un air de famille           

Rémy Couvez - Ici ou ailleurs             

Jean-Sébastien Bach  - Aria (suite n°3)          

Rémy Couvez - L'escapade                  

Rémy Couvez  - Matin bleu                  

Rémy Couvez - Fugue en solitaire      

Rémy Couvez - Les acrobates  

Claudio Monteverdi (1567- 1643) - Variations sur "si dolce è 'l tormento"

Rémy Couvez  - Wheeling dance