Contemporary language in painting, poetry and music
Friday 10th July at 18h. Reading in the médiathèque

Texts : Nuidité du papier (Editions de Rivières 2019), one by Michel Butor, the other by JG Cosculluela, with paintings by Anne Slacik.

Terre d’ombre (Editions Voix d’Encre 2001), written after the death of his father, known by many people in Rieux, with monotypes by Anne Slacik.

S’amuïr (Editions La Passe du Vent 2019), on Paul Celan, with engravings by Gisèle Celan-Lestrange

Saturday 10th July from 17h in the château 

reading - concert -painting


and opening night of the exhibition

with Anne SLACIK, painter, and Florentin GINOT, double bass

Texts : D’où, la lumière, eight unpublished works dedicated to Anne Slacik

The catalogue of Anne Slacik’s exhibition “Au Manoir des Livres”

Michel Butor in Lucinges in 2020 (Lucinges is a village near the Swiss border where Michel lived and worked.


was born in Rieux-Minervois in 1951, his family was originally fromAragon, in the Spanish Pyrenees. He went on to live in Montpellier and the Cevennes ; he now lives in Haute-Ardèche. A teacher, then a librarian, a writer, a translator (from Spanish), and an editor,  published by Jacques Brémond and Atelier des Grames. Art criticism, articles in numerous magazines, both in France and abroad, and on the internet. His work has been translated into Spanish, English, Italian and Corsican. He has been giving public readings for the last forty years.

He has worked with numerous artists : Jean Anguera, Jean-Gilles Badaire, Georges Badin, Janos Ber, José Manuel Broto, Guy Calamusa, Michèle Clancy, Anne Deguelle, Roger Dérieux, Michel Duport, Jean-Louis Fauthoux, Joël Frémiot, Liliane Giraudon, Francis Helgorsky, Christian Jaccard, Martine Lafon, Joël Leick, Catherine Liégeois, Robert Lobet, Jean-Luc Meyssonnier, Gaëtano Persechini, Serge Plagnol, Fabrice Rebeyrolle, Jacqueline Salmon, Anne Slacik, Christian Sorg, Gérard Truilhé, Anik Vinay…..

From L’Affouillé in 1980 until Encore in 2011, there have been more than thirty books from various publishers : A Demeure, L’Amourier, à Passage, L’Art et la Manière, Atelier des Grames, Atelier du Hanneton, J.Brémond, Le Cadretin, Le Chassel, Comp’act, Fata Morgana, Filigranes, J.P. Huguet, Mains-Soleil, La Margeride, Méridianes, La Porte, Post-Rodo, Propos2, La Sétérée, Tarabuste, Trames, Voix d’Encre, Zéro l’infini...

His latest books published : Un mot, mendiant 2009, Rouge passé lequel 2010, Noirs dans la neige 2010, Musica callada 2010, D’un retrait 2010, Nuidité du feu, 2010, Partir, d’où, torrent  2010, Sable, sable /Arena, arena 2011, Tas 2011, L’Envers 2011, Le pays d’en haut 2011, Une conversation 2011, Encore 2012.

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Sunday 11th July 17h at the château 

Florentin GINOT, double bass

A member of the ensemble “Musikfabrik” since 2015, he lives and works in Paris and Cologne. After studies at the CNS in Paris, he went on to graduate  from the Banque Populaire Foundation, and the official Music Sponshorship of the Société Générale. He recorded his first CD, in 2015, in the series  “Young Soloists”, sponsored by the Meyer Foundation, featuring the music of Marin Marais.

He is now concentrating on his repertoire as a soloist, playing contemporary works and creating new theatrical forms.

In 2017, he founded HowNow, a company developing new artistic forms from traditional sources, leading to theatrical compositions encompassing contemporary dance,theatre and circus. In the same year, Yoann Bourgeois commissioned him to create the music for “La Méchanique de l’Histoire”, a performance staged at the Panthéon, as part of the Season “Théâtre de la Ville.

In 2019, he organized two collaborations with electronic musicians, Helge Sten (alias Deathprod, from Norway) and Stefan Prins (Belgium and Germany) in two multidisciplinary shows : “The Wasteland” and “Situations”.

Working in close collaboration with composers like Georges Aperghis, György Kurtág, Rebecca Saunders and Helmut Lachenmann, he had begun to create a new solo repertoire for his chosen instrument. In 2018 he performed, as “Not Here”, a series of his solo works with the Philharmonia in Cologne, at Manifeste-Ircam in Paris, and at the Venice Biennale.

At the same time he was incorporating the Baroque and Classic repertoires into his performances, adapting J.S.Bach’s  Sonatas and Partitas, the Livres pour viole by Marin Marais and Beethoven’s Cello Sonatas, for double bass.

He has performed, as a soloist, with the Berlin Philharmonia, the Cologne Philharmonia, the Cité de la Musique in Paris, the Présences-Radio France, the Musica Festival, l’Auditori,, the Berliner Festspiele, Manifeste-Ircam, Sacrum Profanum in Krakow, Ultima-Oslo, the Venice Biennale…..His international projects are supported by the Institut Français.

He is the son of Anne Slacik, the painter.



From Marin Marin & Bach to the present day

J.S. BACH (1685-1750)

Extracts from Partita n°2, to violin


G. SCELSI (1905-1988)



M. MARAIS (1656-1728)

Extracts from Books of viola


G. KURTÁG (1926-)

Extracts from Signs, Games and Messages


H. BIBER (1644-1704)

Passacaglia, for violin


S. SCODANIBBIO (1956-2012)