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was one of the first French keyboard players to become passionate about the pianoforte. He had already followed “classic” piano studies with Yvonne Lefébure and Charles Lilamand, and had discovered the harpsichord, at an early age, with Antoine Geoffroy-Dechaume, whilst also attending various classes at the Conservatoire National Supérieur in Paris. An autodidact, as far as playing the pianoforte is concerned, his performances were rewarded by a Prix International in Paris, and critics were unanimous in acclaiming his first recordings.

Subsequently, he performed in recitals and chamber music concerts, finding an audience in both France and throughout Europe, as well as taking part in festivals. He played other keyboard instruments, including the harpsichord, sometimes performing his own compositions (often with the flautist Pierre-Yves ARTAUD), as well as classical masterpieces such as the “Goldberg Variations”, which went on tour in 1985 with 70 recitals.

He has also enjoyed presenting “live” the evolution of the piano, in concerts which alternated positive organs, clavichords, harpsichords, pianos from different makers, synthesizers etc, going as far as spectacles with 50 musicians on instruments from all periods, taking his audiences on musical voyages, running from Pérotin (Middle Ages) to Gershwin, to synthetic music.

For many years, an important part of his work was concerned with teaching, which he regarded as his own technical and psychological training, mainly in chamber music and directing. At the same time, he was exploring the world of rock and light music.

In 1994 he formed, with the violinist Nicole TAMESTIT, “La Compagnie du Pianforte”, an ensemble which took many different forms : duo, trio, quartet, groups of between 5 and 8 musicians, even an orchestra of between 12 and 30 musicians, welcoming vocal accompaniment or the voices of actors, and with a repertoire based on a profound study of the musicology concerning the range of the pianoforte, particularly in its little-known aspects.

Since then his artistic and musical life and that of “La Compagnie du Pianforte” have become one and the same thing. The ensemble celebrated its 700th concert in 10 years, in 2004.

He is passionate about working with singers. After staging operas (some well-known by Mozart, others newly-discovered such as “Paul et Virginie” by Kreutzer (which he completely reconstructed), and continuing his work as an accompanist (at the Concours International de Paris, for example), Pierre Bouyer has performed more and more in concerts of “voice and piano” with Corinne LAPORTE and Monique ZANETTI, and with Sylvie DE MAY and Sylvie ALTHAPARRO in “La Compagnie du Pianoforte”.

He loves Mozart, a composer he reveres above all others, and he recorded the complete discography of his works for solo piano, finishing in time for the 250th  anniversary of the composer’s birth in 2006.

He is passionate about Europe’s musical heritage, from the end of the 18th Century through the 19th century, and travels widely searching for works in libraries and private collections, mainly in Central Europe and Italy.

His recordings have attracted a lot of critical acclaim : “ƒƒƒƒ” from Télérama, “Choc” from “Monde de la Musique”, CD “Recommended” from “Classica”, five “Diapasons”…

He played in the château in 2016.

Wednesday 5th April at 8 p.m.

around «("Les adieux/Das Lebewohl" »


Château of Rieux-Minervois'slounge

on medium grand piano Erard, 1860

Sunday 7th April at 5 p.m.

around the «Waldstein »


Auditorium of Carcassonne - chapel of Jesuit school

on Viennese pianoforte  Bertsche ,1815


Wednesday 12th April at 8 p.m.

around the « Pathétique »


Lounge of Martine & Jean Weissenbach at Babio (La Caunette)

on piano "crapaud" Schiedmayer & Soehne

Sunday 14th April at 5 p.m.

around the "Tempest"


Hall of the château in Rieux-Minervois


on Viennese pianoforte  Bertsche ,1815

Wednesday 20th September at 8 p.m. 

around the « Moonlight »


Château Floris's lounge in Azille

on medium grand piano Gaveau

Sunday 22nd September at 5 p.m. 

around the «Appassionata »


Church of Trausse - Minervois

on Viennese pianoforte  Bertsche ,1815

Wednesday 27th September at 8 p.m.

around the« Hammerklavier »


Jean-Pierre Marty' s lounge in Azille

on medium grand piano Pleyel & Steinway

Sunday 29th September at 5 p.m.

around the last Sonata


Hall of the château in Rieux-Minervois

on Viennese pianoforte  Bertsche ,1815

Pierre BOUYER pursued with the primary schools (Rieux-Minervois )  and with the secondary college (4°) with Philippe HELZERS, teacher.

and with the Calendreta (Peyriac-Minervois) in September.

Patrick Doméné, from Carcassonne,tuned the pianos for all the concerts.